FIRSTEDITION.XYZ curates blockchain-based digital art by acquiring rare, limited-edition work directly from creators. We try to find work with a small issuance and go for “first editions” where available. We establish long-term relationships and creators in our gallery receive commission from our secondary sales automatically on #cryptoart platforms (or manually where royalties are not available).

What we look for is exceptional uses of the digital medium, whether it is through the use of software tools, or through content that directs intellectual or visual attention. Blockchains create digital scarcity which is perfect for “locating” digital art — works that are otherwise ethereal with no original or location. We are attracted to colors and iridescence, as we see the future of blockchain-based digital art to be inside the living spaces of everyday people and give more weight to aesthetic over political art.

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Digital art on the blockchain (also, “nonfungible tokens” or “NFTs”) are digital works turned into collectible, ownable, limited-edition digital assets using “tokenization”, a process enabled by blockchain technology. These works are available for sale on any Ethereum-based marketplace that supports ERC-721, the technical standard for such tokens.